“Carter Finance helped pick me up when I was at my lowest. I didn’t know what I was going
to do until they helped me consolidate all the finance companies I owed”

“The staff at Carter Finance managed to work it out to where I could buy my first house. The
banks that I had talked to didn’t even want to listen, but Carter made it happen. Now I’m not
paying rent anymore!”

“I needed a small loan to get a new weedeater. Carter Finance had me approved and out the
door with the money I needed in less than a half an hour”

“When my heat pump died, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. Carter Finance managed to
make me a quick secured loan and I was not inconvenienced  by heating issues at my

“When my hot water heater went out, I went to CarterFinance.  They gave me the money I
needed for a new one in less than an hour. They even loaned me enough to pay for the labor
to install it. They were a real life-saver.”

“Trying to make a dozen payments on high interest credit cards and finance companies
every month was driving me crazy. The staff at Carter Finance managed to take EVERY
payment  that I owed and combined them into a lot more manageable monthly payment. It’s
easier to sleep at night not worrying about who I have to make a payment to tomorrow”.